Fromunixtime function working?

Hi EM community,

Does anyone have experience with the fromunixtime function? For some reason I am getting an error that it can't calculate properly.

This is the error I am getting
#Inappropriate argument for FromUnixTime(number)


This is the expression I have


This is what the values look like prior to being passed in as an argument.


I have tried converting the datatype to both number and text and both result in the above error when evaluated.

I am probably doing something wrong but any insight anyone may be able to provide would be awesome. Thanks!!!


Unix times should be
a) numbers
b) around 1.6-1.8 billion (for dates in this century) and thus have 10 digits

The values in your list:
a) are texts
b) have 16 digits (probably they had a fractional part and were multiplied by 1000000 to get accommodated by integer numbers).

I converted them to numbers and divided by 1000000. The result seems legitimate (see below):

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Thank you Dmitry!!! Much appreciated.