Import ascii file with multiple row with different fixed width


I am trying to import an ASCII text file with different header row with different fixed width column
is it possible to do it , I am able to do the first header row but bout the others ?

Thanks for your support

Hi @mustapha and welcome to the community

I’m not sure if I understand your case correctly. Can you please attach an example file or send it to our support email?

I have a similar project where I am dealing with a fixed-width file with different types of records. Each of the type of record has different field sizes although the length of the records is consistent.

I am including a sample file here.
Sample_PVF.TXT (18.2 KB)

Here is the layout information to read the file.
POV_Layouts_web_version (1).xls (1.1 MB)

Hi Aatash,

the idea is to import the file without parsing, just as lines of text, first.

Then use business rules (e.g. the “Rule” action) to create a column that will mark lines of same type.

Then, split the loaded file into multiple groups using derived tables and a filter, so that each derived tables contains only rows of the same type.

Then, in each derived table apply the “Split fixed width text” action to split the rows in that group into columns.

Thank you Dmitry. I will try this and let you know by end of the week.

Here are two more examples: