How to stylize the HTML of tabular content in Emails

When using the send email feature and wanting to use the HTML option to have my tabular data come across in the email as formatted HTML I have that working well, but would like to have it also interpret any HTML codes within the values of the various cells in the tabular data and make them show up in HTML as well.

For example if my tabular data (in csv format) is:
1234, Hello World

And I want the result to be shown with 1234 as a hyperlink - how do I do that? Any attempts to add html tags into the cell data like so:
(function applied):
“<a href=‘http://myserver/’” & [ID] & " target=_blank>" & [ID] & “”

result in this:


instead of a hyperlinked 1234

Hi Jason,

Cell values are deliberately HTML escaped by the “Send email” action, so it’s not possible to calculate an HTML tag in a cell value and expect it to be inserted verbatim in the HTML body.

In this case, you would have to use expressions and actions to generate the whole HTML table as a single text value first, and then insert it using a parameter by calling a module that would contain the “Send email” action.

See an example here: List Data in the Body of an Email

PS. The example was made when there were no modules in EasyMorph, so it took two projects. Now it’s possible to put the whole workflow into two modules in one project.

Thank you - I will check it out!