💡 How to lease a license from EasyMorph Server

If your organization uses EasyMorph Server with Dynamic licensing, you can configure your EasyMorph Desktop to lease a license from the Server dynamically. This is done in 2 steps:

  1. Connect your EasyMorph Desktop to your organization’s EasyMorph Server. This connection is called “Server Link”.
  2. Configure EasyMorph Desktop to lease a license from the Server using Server Link.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Configure Server Link

Launch EasyMorph. Go to the Start page and press “Link to Server”.

In the Server Link dialog:

  1. Enter the server address as instructed by your IT department. Leave the port number as is, unless instructed to change it to a different value.
  2. Press the circular arrows button to obtain a list of spaces.
  3. Add at least one space to the list. It can be the space of your department or any other space, for licensing the space doesn’t matter.
  4. Press OK to close the dialog.


When the Server Link is configured correctly, it shows the currently selected space, as follows.


Step 2. Configure license

Press the “Setup license key” link to open the license configuration dialog (see below). In the dialog, select “Lease license from EasyMorph Server” and press OK.

If everything is configured correctly, in the blue sidebar you should see your organization name, Windows account, and license expiration date. For instance:


Note that in order to use a dynamic license, your computer should remain in the same network as EasyMorph Server (i.e. your corporate network). It’s OK to disconnect from the network and keep using EasyMorph outside of your corporate network for a period no longer than 48 hours.

It’s working very well on our side. We even created a power bi goal to monitor the leasing licences :slight_smile:

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For those who also want to build a dashboard as in @RJO’s reply above, the license allocation table is just an SQLite database table located in C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\config\configurations.db. It’s not encrypted, so you can easily query it with EasyMorph or a BI tool of your choice.


Has there been consideration for an automatic revoke/disable for licensing?
Example: UserA has a setting of 90 days and it automatically revokes licensing and returns to the pool

Use case would be mostly project based as well as ensuring inactivity doesn’t take a license. This may be an edge case for most users.

Yes, it has. We don’t do it because it would steeply increase complexity with little added value. An automatic license revoke mechanism would inevitably require “pinning” licenses (e.g. of VIP users) that should never be revoked. Also, automatic revoking rather sooner than later assumes an automatic assignment mechanism. So suddenly we have 3 new licensing mechanisms to manage and things quickly spiral into the rabbit hole.

To simplify license administration, we will add the ability to sort the license assignment list by the last used date. It will make it possible to select all assignments that were last used before a certain date and delete those in 1 click.

Also in the future, we might add a mechanism for requesting a license where a user that doesn’t have a license can “request” one right from the Desktop. A Server administrator will be able to approve or reject such requests. Approved requests will automatically convert into license assignments.

Good morning -

I have a user that I'd like to add temporarily. In this case all 5 licenses are leased out but one user hasn't been active for 3 months, so I'd like to revoke it and add the new user.

Is the correct process to delete the inactive user, add the new user, wait for the new user to be done then re-add the inactive user?

Yes, that's the correct process. Note that there is a cool-down period of 48 hours after the last license lease, so you may only be able to re-add the inactive user after 48 hours since the temporary user license was deactivated.