How do I connect to APIs in EasyMorph?


I am new to using APIs and would appreciate some help in how to import data using API’s.

I am using the Import from Web API action and I am using the website My Store API Documentation (iddogino1) | RapidAPI to practice, Inside the Import from Web API action I click on add new connector, but not sure what to do next:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This article should be a good starting point: Making your data better with web APIs

Once you have more specific questions, just post them in this thread.

Thanks for the link to the article, I am still slightly confused as to what I need to input in these fields:


I am using this online API as a sample: List Movies API Documentation (jpbermoy) | RapidAPI


The base URL usually includes the protocol, the host, and, optionally, one or more URL path segments. Examples of base URLs:

The final URL of a web request is concatenated from two parts - the base URL specified in the “Web location” connector, and the URL path of the “Web request” action (or similar action).

See more details about how it works here: transformations:webrequest [EasyMorph Help]

In case of the movies API, the base URL for the “Web location” connector can be

The URL path in the “Web request” action then would be


So I have configured it like this:



It returns results, but the html:

I really appreciate the help on this! Thanks!

“Web location” connector

The Base URL of the “Web location” connector is incorrect. It should be

The Header name is incorrect too. It should be X-RapidAPI-Key.

“Web Request” action

Make sure that in the tab “Headers” you’ve added the header X-RapidAPI-Host set to