How can wee see the full log on EM server?


How can we see the full log on a EM-server task ?
For debugging we echo processed files because we know that we can expect issues with some files. It is about 1300 excel files that we have to process each time.
On EM-server only a couple of lines of the log are shown.
Is there an option to show the full log and filter the log easily ?



Hi Nikolaas,

What do you mean by "the full log on a EM-server task" ? Can you please elaborate?

Hi Dmitry,

I mean the task log that is shown in the task journal when showing the details of the task.
It seems that only the last X-lines are shown.

As described above, we use this to debug if a file error occurs while processing >1300 excel files.


I suppose you mean the status messages generated by the "Status" action. In this case, yes, only the most recent 20 messages are stored in the journal.

I would suggest having a custom log - a text file to which your workflow can append new lines using the "Append" mode in the export actions.

Hi Dmitry

Yes I mean the status log.

  • Is there a reason why the server is limited to the last 20 lines ? It seems handy to me if we could search through the full status log. Maybe it could be implemented in the new server UI ?

  • We can indeed log it to a database table for instance but then we have to change all our flows and replace the status actions in all flows to log it to such a table. I guess we cannot use the status action in an export mode so we would have to create a 1 x 1 dataset for each status we want to log and then export it to the database?

Any further suggestions or comments ?


Task statuses are not intended to be verbose logs. Their purpose is to indicate the current status of a task and help debug workflows if they fail. Hence only 20 recent statuses are stored.

Status is what you see when a task is running:

If you need verbose logging for your workflows, there are many tools in EasyMorph to arrange it. For instance:

  • Appending to text files
  • Appending to database tables
  • Make a custom API endpoint for task logging, and send status messages as web requests to this endpoint. In this case, you can consolidate logs from multiple tasks even those running on Desktops.