Hexadecimal value 0x0F

I am getting this error when exporting file (to CSV or XLSX)

I know its coming from a specific file - is there anyway to search my table and see where these faulty characters are coming from?

Error: ‘’, hexadecimal value 0x0F, is an invalid character.
Source: Action “Export into Excel file” in table “Imported table 1” in project “C:\Users\robec\Dropbox\ABINBEV\BudClub\MonthlyProjects\Step 3.morph”

Hi Robert,

It seems that the fastest way to search for such characters is to use Filter/Profile column values dialog from column’s right click menu. Suggestions tab of that dialog will show you a message if the selected column contains system characters:

Filter button in that message will create a “Filter by condition” transformation which will show you all the cells with hidden system characters.

There is no need to open that dialog for each column - you can switch to a different column by selecting it in a dropdown list at the top of the dialog or by clicking on the column’s header.

By the way, if you’ll need to just remove system characters from the whole table, you can do that with “Sanitize text” action configured like this:


Thanks very much. That did the trick.

May I ask - is there any reason why you would not always just sanitize your tables - as a rule?

We prefer users have full visibility and control over data with as little “black magic” as possible.