GraphQL / Pipefy Integration

Hi EasyMorph Community,

I am hoping to find some guidance on how to extract data from Pipefy ( It’s a no-code platform that provides an API (doc-api-general/apiary.apib at master · pipefy/doc-api-general · GitHub).

I am trying to extract data based on the queries in the sample, but I am not sure:
(1) Which EasyMoprh action I should use,
(2) Which connector type I should use, and
(3) How to set up the basic configuration parameters to make it work (if possible).

Any guidance or tips would be highly appreciated!


Hi Albert and welcome to the Community!

If you are totally new to web APIs, I would suggest checking out this article first: Making your data better with web APIs. It answers some of your questions.

As per the Pipefy API documentation that you linked, you need to add the Authorization header with your PAT (personal access token). You can do it right in the Web Location connector as follows:


The documentation provided lacks detail on authentication at Pipefy. I would suggest reaching out to them and asking for clear instructions for authentication.

Hello Dmitry,

thank you very much, these are very helpful pointers! With that, I should be able to figure it out!


If you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to make a new post in this thread. Web APIs have a learning curve and due to a lack of standardization, dealing with each API has its nuances.