Google Cloud VM

I’m interested in running EasyMorph server in a Google cloud container (VM). I read the security considerations in the server documentation but wondered if there are any other precautions I should take to ensure both a secure environment for EasyMorph and EasyMorph itself?


Hi @CLL and welcome to the Community!

The topic of security can be quite long as there are various scenarios and cases. Can you provide a bit more details on your goals? For instance:

  • Are you going to use Server + Desktop or Desktop only?
  • How EasyMorph will be accessed by users?
  • How do you access VMs currently?
  1. I want to run morphs on the server so assuming (easymorph +desktop)
  2. Will only be one user accessed and likely by remote control and/or vpn
  3. VMs accessed via vpn and browser.

If you only access Server’s UI by VPN or Remote Desktop, then no additional security measures are required besides what’s mentioned in our Server Guide.

It’s also a good idea to run the Server service under an account with a few permissions as possible. The default one (NT Authority\LocalService) is not a bad choice. If you’re going to change it, make sure the new account has no admin permissions.

You’ve got me wondering if I even need the server version. Could I run the windows desktop in a VM and use the launcher to control running the same morph each day?

Sure, why not. It’s not as robust as using the Server, but it can be feasible if your tasks are not business-critical. Keep in mind that Launcher requires a Windows user to be logged in.

Does the website list the feature differences between desktop and server versions?

Check out this page: EasyMorph | Scheduling projects

We also have a new product that sits in between Launcher and Server in terms of robustness: Command-Line Worker. It doesn’t have its own scheduler, but it works well with 3rd party schedulers such as Windows Scheduler.

The Command-Line Worker costs 50% of the Server price.