Google Analytics connector [DONE]


Is there a solution to connect to Google Analytics ?

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Nothing I’m aware of.

an add-on or connector for Google Analytics is a large factor when I/we ultimately land on a long-term ETL platform. I’d really like to hear whether or not this currently exists on the roadmap. If so, when is it expected to be rolled-out?

Google Analytics connector is planned for version 4.0 planned for release in Q2-2018. Note that it won’t be available in the free edition.


Hi Dmitry,
Still planned for Q2-2018 ...2019 perhaps :wink: ?

Version 4.0 was postponed by almost a year. We’re currently actively developing it. It’s planned for release in June 2019.

Google Analytics (and possibly Google AdWords) currently planned for v4.2 in September 2019. It will be available in the free edition.

Thanks Dmitry

Is Google Analytics connector available? I am not able to find it in v4.5.0.2.

Hi Aatash, it’s still not available :frowning:

Support for Google Analytics has been added in version 4.7.

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