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Export PDF report with action

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to export a report to PDF with an action?
I am trying to make use of the integrated report builder. It would be useful to trigger the ‘export to excel’ button with an integrated action.

If this is not possible it would be great to trigger an Export to pdf ‘project’ via the EasyMorph Launcher.

Kind regards,

Hi Fabian,

check out these topics:

Are there any plans on the future to expand the pdf generation capabilities? I know it is possible to iterate and call the exe and pass parameters, but having a more user friendly view or action would be nicer. Also, having more formatting options on the report view like alternate color per row, conditional highlight, etc. We produce a ton of paper reports every month per state and at the moment we use php and wkhtml to do it. I would like to switch that whole operation to Easymorph.

We’re planning to improve PDF report generation in version 5 planned for release in Q1 2021. The reporting capabilities will basically remain the same, however it will be possible to generate a PDF report using a dedicated action.

Note taken. Thank you for the suggestion.

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