PDF Report - Iteration

Hi -
I finally had a use case to use the PDF report but in my use case I’m not seeing where I can run this via an iteration to generate the report for each individual sales rep with their unique data.

Example, it appears that you have to hit the Export button and can’t call upon the export. Am I missing something on this one?


Hi Adam,

the current approach for iterating PDF report generation is to use the “Iterate program” action, and run the EasyMorph executable in the command line mode (/c) with option /report, E.g.

morph.exe /c /report myproject.morph /param:Year=2015 /param:"File name"="C:\My Documents\input.csv"

Not so elegant, but should work.

Hey @dgudkov - I was looking into this one again. I didn’t see a lot of chatter around this as a feature so I’m assuming its not on the radar for enhancements

A) Ability to Export the Report as is (And send via email) as an action
B) Ability to iterate without work around as mentioned above

I know its an old topic but thought I’d bump it to see if anyone else was interested.

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