Example of using Synchronize for exporting into a spreadsheet

Exporting 3 independently calculated tables into 3 sheets of the same spreadsheet.

Synchronize.morph (3.6 KB)
Book1.xlsx (6.9 KB)

Read more here: Using Synchronize transformation


I have 7 tables I want to put on seven worksheets in one excel file.
I’ve put in the Syncronize action in each table to wait for the previous table as described.

But the result is 7 files, each with one new sheet in it.
6 of the files has “_backup_xxxxxxxxxx” appended to the name?

Hi @Hendrik_Lombard,

Thank you for reporting it. We will try to replicate the issue and get back to you.

For now can you please try to add the “Wait” action with 2 seconds delay before each export action?

I tried putting Wait 2 sec both before and after Syncronize action.

The result remained the same as before.


Hi @Hendrik_Lombard,

It seems that you have chosen “Create new file” mode in your “Export to Excel” actions with “If a file already existis” option set to “Rename”. Hence the backup files.

If you want to export several sheets to the same Excel file, you can choose “Create new file” mode only for the export of the first sheet. For all the following sheets you have to choose either “Create new sheet in existing file” or “Replace sheet\range in existing file” modes.

Thanks - that was my problem