Error: locked by another process


I'm using EasyMorph Server and I keep getting a sequence of the same errors happening.

It goes:
error opening database then error loading database: The database file is locked by another process.

These are scheduled tasks and I see when I run them manually there is a temp file created. I'm wondering if this temp file is locking the folder I am trying to update files in?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Jaden,

The "Export to Tableau" action initially exports data to a temp hyper file and then either moves that file to the target location or uploads it to a Tableau server.

That's the file you see when you run a task manually. And that file is being locked for some reason.

Is the target folder located on a network drive or synchronized with a service like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.? If not, do you have some antivirus software running?

Hi Andrew,

Yes, the target folder is on a network drive. I have the drive mapped and EasyMorph Server can see the targeted folder.

The mapped drive I am using is a Distributive File System. Is that causing an issue with the temp file?

The mapped drive I am using is a Distributive File System. Is that causing an issue with the temp file?

Yes, this is most likely the cause. This is a known problem, generally caused by the DFS and SMB (network) not being aware of each other:

Ok thank you, as soon as I realized it was a DFS I figured that might be the issue. I discovered a workaround that might be helpful to other users who run into this problem:

I changed my parameters to store the files on the local drive. Then I used the copy action to copy it over to the network drive. This works well so far and there is no more locking happening.

Thank you!

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@olysak Update on this:

I changed my parameters to the local drive like I mentioned above. I am still getting errors but only on one task. It is failing on the "Export to Tableau" action. And that should be placing my file on my C: Drive and then using the file action to copy it to the N: drive which is my mapped drive. See below:

I double checked all of my parameters and not one is going to the N: Drive. They should all be going to the C: Drive.

Hi @Jaden

Ultimately, the error you're seeing is caused by something directing the 'Export to Tableau' action to your N: drive.

You could verify the following:

  1. Check if your project executing the action is located on the N: drive and the path for export within the action—either directly specified or evaluated using parameters—points to a relative file name, for instance, not 'C:\resulting-dataset' but 'resulting-dataset'. If this is the case, EasyMorph defaults to placing the file alongside the project or at the very least on the same drive.

  2. Check whether there might be something within your project(s) still pointing to the N: drive that could've been overlooked. The simplest way to do this is to open the relevant .morph files in a text editor and look for instances of 'N:' text.

  3. Lastly, just to understand the setup, it would help to know the drive on which EasyMorph iteslef is installed?

All of my actions have a parameter specified with C:...\resulting-dataset.

I checked for N: and the only times is appeared were in the File Command Action as the Destination Path.

EasyMorph itself is installed on the C: drive (the local drive that EasyMorph Server also runs on.)

I honestly can't think of any other probable causes. If it's possible, could you send us the project file(s), alongside with debug information to