EM server hangs when running powershell that runs excel macro


I have an Easymorph model and wrote a macro that works fine when running from the Easymorph desktop but when I publish to the server and try to run this same model, it hangs. I get an error:

Exception calling “Run” with “1” argument(s): “The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)”

Any advice on where to start troubleshooting with this?

I also used the Excel command to run the macro, and it behaves the same way. It runs fine on the desktop version by hangs when running from the EasyMorph Server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try searching for similar topics on the forum.

Also, are you running your EasyMorph Server service under a service account or under a user account?

Thank you for responding, we have a user account setup so that macros work from the EM server. We have other macros working ok. The macro that is hanging has adobe acrobat calls in it (not sure if that matters or not). It works under the easymorph desktop, just not from the server.

If you have the Enterprise edition of EasyMorph Server, try spinning up a new worker under the user’s account and run the task on that worker. User accounts may have a different set of permissions than service accounts. If it works on EasyMorph Desktop, then it should work on the Server on a worker that runs under the same Windows account as the Desktop.