EasyMorph Server specified cast is not valid error

Getting this error on EasyMorph server tasks starting since today:

Task failed: 1 error(s).
10/19/2021 12:40:00 PM 001410 ERROR JobTriggering: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
10/19/2021 12:40:00 PM 001411 ERROR at Morph.Server.BusinessLogic.Services.JobTriggeringService.<>c.b__17_1(Exception e)
10/19/2021 12:40:00 PM 001412 ERROR at Morph.Server.BusinessLogic.Services.JobTriggeringService.d__17.MoveNext()

Thanks for reporting the problem, Justin.

Can you please send to support@easymorph.com the Server debug logs located here: C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\Logs\Debug log

Logs have been sent. None of our jobs currently are working so we are pretty much stuck.

Did you try restarting the Server service? If not, please do.

I did a few minutes ago but the jobs are still failing.

What EasyMorph Server version are you using? It’s not clear from the logs that you sent. Ideally, we need the whole folder zipped and sent.

I was using Server version:

I have since downloaded latest available version of server 4.7.2. Now I am getting a new error…although I think I know what the problem is and it’s bad news for me. I downloaded version 5 of Desktop yesterday before I realized Server wasn’t available. We utilize a shared repository on a shared drive that both Server and Desktop uses. Now I must have opened the repo in Desktop 5.0 yesterday. Now will Server not be available for me until later this week? That’s rough.

Forgot to show the error:

10/19/2021 11:34:50 PM 000002 INFO Task started manually.
10/19/2021 11:34:50 PM 000003 ERROR Task failed: 1 error(s).
10/19/2021 11:34:50 PM 000004 ERROR JobTriggering: System.Exception: This repository was created in a later version of EasyMorph
10/19/2021 11:34:50 PM 000005 ERROR at Morph.Server.BusinessLogic.Services.JobTriggeringService.<>c.b__17_1(Exception e)
10/19/2021 11:34:50 PM 000006 ERROR at Morph.Server.BusinessLogic.Services.JobTriggeringService.d__17.MoveNext()

There is a warning in the Release Notes

When the repository was converted by v5 it automatically created a backup copy of it in the same folder. Try finding and restoring it.

Got it that helped me. I found the backup and renamed back to original. The jobs now run.

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