Migration to v5

Hi Dmitry, the warning is not clear to me. I want to anticipate what can happen when :

  • I will run tasks on easymorph 5.0 server, running easymorph projects done in previous version
  • I will run projects from easymorph desktop 5.0
    Knowing that my repos are shared on the server and that users from desktop can’t update them.

Can you tell me in those cases if the repos will be upgraded to 5.0 ? What is exactly upgrading them ? The server ? The desktop 5.0 ? Even if users don’t have the right to update repo from their desktop because they are shared on the server without the write access ?

Anything of version 5.0, be it Server or Desktop, will upgrade the repository on application start, at the moment when the application tries to access the repository for the 1st time.

If Desktops and Server access the same repository file on a shared folder

Create a copy of this repository and re-configure Server to use it, so that it can be upgraded independently. After Server and Desktops are upgraded, re-configure Server back to use the shared repo file.

If Desktops use a Server-hosted repository via the Server Link

When Server is upgraded to v5, Desktops v4 will temporarily not be available to use the repository until they are also upgraded to v5.

Running projects created in previous versions requires no action. Neither on Desktops, nor on Server. It just works. Of course, if a project created in a previous version is saved in ver.5 then it won’t open in a previous version.

The main difficulty is migrating repositories.

Usually we upgrade first the server in the new version and then we say to our 700 users : take your time to upgrade your current desktop version to the new version.

So you are saying that as soon as I will upgrade the server to the new version, I will have to force the 700 users to upgrade their desktop at once, or the repo shared on the server that they are all using will not be usable anymore ? That’s a big challenge !

That’s a valid concert, Romain, and we are going to address it as follows:

When Server v5 will be released, it will be possible to use it from Desktops of previous versions with a few limitations:

Things that will be possible to do with older Desktop versions:

  • Obtain and use Server-hosted connectors in projects executed locally
  • Upload/download files by the “EasyMorph Server Command” action executed on Desktops
  • Lease license from Server

Things that will NOT be possible to do with older Desktops:

  • Create, edit or delete connectors in Server-hosted repositories
  • Trigger Server tasks by the “EasyMorph Server Command” action executed on Desktops

All in all, it should be possible to upgrade Server and then gradually upgrade the Desktops IF they use Space-hosted repositories.

If Desktops use a shared repository file in a shared network folder, then cloning repositories will remain the only way to migrate.

That would be awesome. So I guess on server side you will include a kind of automatic decrypting module used when detecting an old version :slight_smile:

Easymorph power !

Yes, the Server decrypts data from the repository anyway. It will be able to continue serving older Desktops with connectors in read-only mode.

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