Easymorph Server Command : List dynamic licenses


I think this action could be interesting. We would be able to store historical statistics and why not display them in power bi streaming as you showed in a post :slight_smile: But we have another usage : with dynamic licensing we think users will want to lease license but will never give it back. I mean a user may need a license during 48 hours for example but after maybe he does not need anymore. So it would be fine if he could go back to free mode. In this case Im quite sure he will forget to change the license mode => he will renew the license eternally and its not good for others.

In this case we would like to analyze the history of the renewal, and when a user is renewing too many times we would like to alert him frequently by email for example => are you sure you still need to lease ?

We would do that using an easymorph project managing snapshots of dynamic licenses but to do that we need a simple access. So why not this feature ?

We can even build a stronger solution that do snaphots and analyze snapshots : are licenses all occupied ? Who is leasing a lot ? Does he need a fixed license ? etc. Thereโ€™s something to monitor here.

The license assignment information is intended for use for administrators, making it available to everyone might be not desirable. However, license assignments and lease times can be obtained from the SQLite database stored in

C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\config\configurations.db

Itโ€™s not encrypted so you can read the table using the regular connector and actions in EasyMorph.

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