EasyMorph Server Admin login and access

Hi Community,

I’m quite new to EasyMorph Server.
The IPv4 Address for the server(laptop 1) is
So I try to access from my laptop (laptop 2) by this address
Yet I failed to access it. How should I access to the server from my laptop?

When I am with the server, how could I login with Admin account? I could not find the path.
What’s the password for Admin?
Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

Br. Cambridge

Hello Cambridge,

Check the following:

  1. EasyMorph Server is up and running (you can see it in Windows Services)
  2. Both computers are in the same network (e.g. your office network)
  3. On the machine that runs EasyMorph Server, check that the firewall permits incoming requests (they are usually disabled by default).

On the Server machine, sign in as a Windows user (Windows admin) and launcher EasyMorph Server Monitor - a small desktop application that is installed automatically when EasyMorph Server is installed. In Monitor, press the “Rescue login” button - this will log you into EasyMorph Server as administrator. Further, in the Server settings, you can enable remote access for Server admin via browser. By default it’s disabled so the only option to log in as a Server admin is through the Monitor.

Check out the Server Admin Guide that comes with the Server installer - it has lots of useful information. You can also download it from the Server Download page.

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