EasyMorph does not show Salesforce Lookup fields

Hi there !

I am trying to create my CRM in Salesforce and I wanted to use EasyMorph to import data (from QVD to Salesforce) but I have a problem that I can’t fix !!!

When I set the action “Export to Salesforce” I choose the salesforce object to update but it doesn’t show me the fields with Lookup relationship and so I can’t update them .
For example :
in the Account table I have IDAccount which connects to the Contact table via the field (Lookup) " Account Name" , but this is not shown on EasyMorph when I specify the items to update!

The connection was created with my Admin account so it should have all the privileges to view/edit the fields .

Since I really like the product and it would be perfect for my company I hope someone can tell me what is the problem and how to fix it !

Hello, I’m not sure I understand this part - in what Object is the field you want to update? The field is a standard field or a custom field? IDAccount doesn’t exist as a field in the Contact, it would be either “AccountId” (the standard Account lookup field on a Contact), or “IDAccount__c” (in the case you are using a custom lookup field).

Can you post a screenshot of where you are not seeing the fields? You are not seeing any Lookup fields, like the OwnerId?

Did you confirm that you have View/Edit Access on your profile for the field you want to update?


To my understanding, you are trying to update a field on the parent object by specifying ‘parent.some_parent_field’ in one go. However, to my knowledge, Salesforce does not allow this, even by using Apex. Unfortunately, there is no easy workaround for this issue. You will need to split the export process into two steps: first, update the exported object (i.e., Account), and second, update the fields on the related object (i.e., Contact in this example). Although this approach is somewhat cumbersome, it is the only way to achieve your desired outcome.

However, please note that I may be mistaken, as I am not an expert in Salesforce.

Hi Roberto !
You are right sorry for the lack of precision , I try to be more explanatory .
In the Contact object there is the field “AccountId” , standard object related to the field “TM_IDAccount__c” (custom object) in the Account table .

Arrived at the time of indicating the field mapping in EasyMorph (image below ) , when I try to populate Contacts the field AccountId is not shown as a possible choice of field to populate .

However when I try to populate the Account table I can populate all the fields , so I think the problem is that it does not let me populate the “Children” fields .

when I created the connection in Easy Morph I entered the Administrator credentials so I should have all the access and permissions .

From what I have seen I have the same problem with all lookup fields of this type ( that connect to a master detail of another table )

I apologize if I am inaccurate but I am new to Salesforce , and I am picking up a job left half done by other people so I am not clear how they created the relationships either.

Not exactly , what I am trying to do is update the AccountId field in the Contact object , which is related to the IDAccount MD in the Account object .

When I try to map specifying to EasyMorph what the are the fields of the contact object to update ( Starting from my CSV ) the AccountId field of Contact is not shown as a possibility .

When I update the IDAccount field (master detail) in Account instead everything is fine .

so what I am doing is updating the two objects separately , but I cannot update the field in the Contact table .


I have been able to reproduce @MarcoV’s issue. Lookup fields (which are essentially foreign key fields) are not available to import to EasyMorph nor to export to Salesforce:

Import from Salesforce to EasyMorph:

Export from EasyMorph to Salesforce:

The Salesforce EasyMorph connector is recognizing that the Contact object has a parent Account (see list of Parent Objects in the Import from Salesforce action), however there is no direct access to the field that stores the Id of the parent record in the child object (in this case “AccountId”). This happens with all the lookup fields (OwnerId, CreatedBy, LastModifiedBy, etc.)

Without this direct access to the lookup fields, Marco will not be able to update the AccountId in the Contact object, which will allow him to relate the Contact to the correct Account.

@MarcoV - Reviewing this post, @olysak mentions that the “AccountId” must be manually entered, it will not appear in the search results.

Export data to SalesForce - screenshot from that post:

So that would be the way to do it now.

In any case @dgudkov @olysak it would be useful that all the fields appear in the helper dialog, including Lookup fields, this way any Salesforce field can be selected.

We’ll look what we can do

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Hi @roberto @MarcoV

We’ve added lookup fields to the UI picker. To see them, you need EasyMorph Desktop to version 5.4.3 build 5 (download here)

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