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Hi All !
I am trying to upload some data to Salesforce using the action "Export to SalesForce " but I get the following error :

Error: Job execution resulted in error(s): INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE:Unable to create/update fields: Name. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set.:Name –
Source: action “Export to Salesforce”, table “Imported table 1”

I tried to change the permissions on Salesforce but I don’t understand with which tupo of User Profile EasyMorph connects to SalesForce! (I did not set anything when I created the connection ).

Can anyone help me please ? I am going crazy !!!

Hi @MarcoV

Could you please post a screenshot with data you’re trying to export and Salesforce action settings?

Also, I’ve found a forum discussion that may be relevant to the issue you are facing.

It seems that the Name field in Salesforce’s Account object cannot be written to during entity creation. The original thread author found a workaround by writing to the LastName and FirstName fields instead.

Here’s the link to the discussion:

hello @olysak and thanks for the help !

I had already seen the article and hoped it was the solution but it doesn’t work for me :frowning:

The action is really simple , I am trying to enter a Contact and link it to an Account through the Name search field ( accaunt name ).

I was able to populate the Name field by doing the insert directly into the Account table , but when I try to insert a new contact by specifying the Name field it returns the error .

I am really new to the Salesforce and EasyMorph world so I did something simple just to understand how they work.

I am logging in as a system administrator so it should not be a permissions issue .

Thanks again !
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Also , if I try to import the data without the Name field everything runs correctly , but of course I will not have the link with the account tadella

You are trying to set a parent Account for a Contact entity.

Unfortunately, while Salesforce indeed shows that relationship as Account.Name you can’t use it to create a new one (or update an existing) relationship.

However, you can achieve the desired results by specifying the AccountId field in the Contact entity with Export to Salesforce or Update records in Salesforce actions.

The first step is to have the IDs of the Accounts that you want to link with your Contact records. You can do this using the Import from Salesforce action, where you must include the Id field in the imported columns.

Once the import is complete, match the Account IDs with the respective Contact records you’re trying to create, maybe through the Merge action, ensuring that every Contact row contains the desired Account ID.


In the end, once you have organized all the data, feed the resulting table to the Export to Salesforce action. Specify that the Account ID column, shown as DesiredAccountID in my example, should be exported to the AccountId column in Salesforce.

Do note that Salesforce doesn’t show this column when you press the column name lookup button on the right; you have to manually specify it:

That should work!

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Regarding the Contact object in Salesforce, @MarcoV it’s not possible to update the Name field, because it’s a compound field of FirstName and LastName (and MiddleName, in the case you are using it). You will have to edit those fields in order to change the Name field. LastName is a universally required field.