EasyMorph Desktop hangs


I’m having the same issue.

The Easymorph task hangs for ages. No other activity in the backgroung. Just hangs. I have ended up crashing out of EasyMorph, via Task manager, a few times today.

I thougth it was unique to a particular prject, but I’ve now experienced with a project that was woking well earlier.

The hang seemed to start when I hit clicked on the fx button in ‘Modify Column’.

Standalone desktop project

@Nike_Begbaaji , @bolud please clarify is the problem with the server task or standalone desktop project (or maybe scheduler)?

Hello. It’s with a standalone desktop project, that calls an API.

Here’s a screenshot of the spot where it hangs:


Hello. Is there an update on this issue?

Which version of EasyMorph do you use?

Hi Nike,

a few more questions in addition to @ckononenko’s question:

  • Did it work correctly previously when you pressed the “fx” button?

  • Does the problem remain if you press “Reset dialog positions” in the About menu, button “Application preferences” (see below)?

  • If the problem remains, try closing the application, removing EasyMorph.Config.xml located in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph, start the application again

  • If the problem remains, please send the diagnostic information as explained here: Diagnostic information to provide

Hey. Clicking on Reset dialogue positions has resolved the issue! :slight_smile:

It’s a known event happening when you change your screens (like when you go to work or to home). Your windows can go out of your screen, you think you are frozen but the window is here. You can press the “escape” button in this case to get back to easymorph and try the reset dialog position trick. It happens quite often here.