Easymorph desktop 5.3 : re-retrieve

Hi team,

What is the exact purpose of re-retrieve ? I have run a catalog item with a set of parameters. When I click on re-retrieve I expect the same catalog item is reloaded with the same set of paramaters but it’s not the case. It seems that re-retrieve prompts again all the parameters and I have to set their value back to retrieve the same query content. Is it intended ? because I would prefer re-retrieve to re-use my last parameters. Why not prompt the parameters but pre-defined with my last parameters.


No, that wasn’t intended, it was a bug that’s been fixed. Your understanding of Re-retrieve is correct - it’s to prompt for parameters with their current (not default) values and then reload the current dataset.

The updated version is available on our website. Only Desktops have to be updated.