Data quality on keep mismatch

Hi Dmitry,

I have read your article about data quality.
Is there a way to create an iterable project for checking that each column had the allowed input values ?
I have an excel spreadsheet with the allowed values for each column.
Now I would like to iterate through the dataset and check column by column if the data contains the allowed input values as stated in de Excel spreadsheet.
I thought about using the keep mismatch action but it does not allow for parameters. Is there another way to achieve this ?

Thanks !

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In a simple case, you can always unpivot a table and do different data quality checks depending on column name. After unpivoting the column name will be next to respective column values.

In a more complex case, you can iterate a dataset column by column. I’ve described how to do it in a separate topic: Iterate dataset column by column

Hi Dmitry,

That’s great ! I was on the same track but I missed some details to implement it altogether.
Thanks !