Data Catalog isn't available

If the Data Catalog isn’t available in your environment, here is the troubleshooting checklist:

  • Data Catalog is a Server feature, it’s not available without EasyMorph Server
  • Use the latest version of EasyMorph Server and Desktop (at least 5.2.1 or above)
  • Enable Data Catalog in the space settings. It’s disabled by default.
  • Use Dynamic licensing to assign Professional user licenses from EasyMorph Server to the users who need it
  • For Regular users (users that only consume Catalog items), a per-space license is required (purchased separately, see pricing here)
  • A per-space license is linked to a Server license and assigned to a space in the licensing tab of EasyMorph Server
  • See the EasyMorph Server Admin Guide, chapter “User licensing for Data Catalog” (can be named differently in later versions)

If you would like to try per-space licensing for Regular users, feel free to request a 30-day trial per-space (or fully unlimited) license at