Crosstable multiple column groups


my Source-Table has 7 column groups P1 - P7.
The groups should be transformed into the target table via Crosstable.
I solved that over 7 single tables and append table.
Is there a simpler (more dynamic) solution?

I have attached an example with 2 column groups. Maybe someone has a better solution? :relaxed:

MultiCross.morph (7.5 KB)
Source.xlsx (10.3 KB)

I would do it using iterations. With iterations you can make it work with any number of groups and columns.

See below reworked example. It uses the “Iterate table” action which sends a table to the iterated subproject. The subproject receives the table using the “Input” action. When you open the subproject the result of “Input” is empty, so you need to copy the source data (e.g. by right-clicking the “Import from Excel action” and choosing “Send to Clipboard”) and paste it into the “Input” manually to create a dataset to work with.

Alternatively, passing the table into the subproject could be done by exporting into a dataset file (“Export to dataset”), then using the regular “Iterate” action and “Import from Dataset” in the subproject.

MultiCross.morph (4.6 KB)
select-columns.morph (4.7 KB)
Source.xlsx (10.3 KB)



Hats off, absolutely fantastic!

… when does anyone find a request that you can not solve? :smiley::+1:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

… but it would be nice if i could do that in the same project as well. :wink:
I heard in the next version should this work? If so, when can i look forward to it? :relaxed:

Beta 4.0 is now available for closed beta-testing. See here: Closed beta-testing of v4.0