Closed beta-testing of v4.0

The beta of v4.0 is now available for closed beta-testing. Features that are already stable and should be ready for use and testing:

  • Modules
  • Aggregation in queries
  • Actions Web Request and Iterate Web Request, connector Web Location for interactions with REST APIs
  • Keep Matching / Keep Mismatching merged into a new action - Keep/remove Matching
  • New column selection style
  • The left sidebar can now be hidden

Beta testers get access to “Beta lounge” - a restricted-access category on this forum dedicated to beta-testing. Download links and instructions for beta-testers are published in “Beta lounge”.

Beta-testers are expected to be active in “Beta lounge” and periodically publish posts with remarks on testing. It’s a fair deal - we provide early access to new features in exchange for some feedback. A small privilege in exchange for a small obligation :slightly_smiling_face:.

Beta-testing will remain closed. There will be no open beta-testing and links to beta versions will not be published on our web-site.

If you want to become a beta-tester, send me a PM or leave a comment here.


Comment hereby left :slight_smile:

@DKcrm, access granted. You should now be able to access the Beta lounge.

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Access, please. If you need. :slight_smile:

@sradum, access granted.

Hi Dmitry,

I’m interested in REST APIs. I want to become a beta-tester.


@nick.lensing, access granted.

I’m keen on being a beta test.

@mgdotcom access granted.

I would also be interested in testing

@adambeltz, access granted.

Hi Dmitry. Count me in!

@David welcome to the Community and the beta-testing program. Access granted.

PS. The forum might become sluggish or unresponsive in the next hour as it’s undergoing maintenance works.

Hi Dmitry,
Access please…


Hi Christophe, access granted.

Hi Dmitry,
Access granted
Thank you,

@michel.baldellon, you can access the Beta lounge.

I’m interested in testing out the new features.

Can v4 be installed alongside 3.9.5? I dont want to break any published morphs with the version jump.

Yes, it can. See this topic (restricted access):

You can now access the Beta lounge.

Hi Dmitry
Please add me to testers.