Crash without errors

Hello everyone,

it happens sometimes that EasyMorph crash without warnings/alerts, if I go on the log files, I can only see:

20210610173910 Information Starting application version with command line: "C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Morph.exe" 

20210610173911 Information New project

20210610173913 Information Open project C:\Morphs\Projects\FileName.morph

20210610173916 Information Changing selection to table XXXXXX1 in module 'xxxxx'

20210610173916 Information Changing selection to action "Import from database" in table "XXXXXX1" in module 'xxxxx'

20210610173941 Information Change properties of action "Import from database" in table "XXXXXX1" in module 'xxxxx':

Nothing else.
Is there a detailed log, where I can see the error that cause the crash?

Can you please send to our support email the debug logs as explained here: Diagnostic information to provide

We couldn’t find anything that would explain the cause of the crash. The error happens outside of EasyMorph, in a system library ntdll.dll which is part of the Windows kernel. Most probably, the error is caused by a faulty database driver. The only recommendation we can give is to update your database driver.

As we can see if we disable the autorun it doesn’t crash.
The faults happen when in the lower right corner there’s the “Updating” bar working: if we do something in this scenario, EM crashes.

I’l try to update the driver, I hope that could fix the problem.