Connection as parameter [DONE]

I have a project that reads from a database table and then writes back into that same database table. So I have multiple (3) transformations in one project referring to the same connection.

The thing is: with multiple clients, I sometimes need to run the transformation against one database, and another day against another database (each for a separate client, and each with the same schema). So for example if I mess up and don’t change all three transformations’ connections above then I am hosed (for example perhaps reading from one clients’ database but writing back into another client’s database).

I also have multiple EasyMorph projects that I need to run for any client. Around five total, and they aren’t just run in serial but in a fairly ad hoc manner to explore the data.

So I have lots of moving parts that I really don’t want to mess up when switching between clients.

The bottom line: I need to have a text parameter that can then be used for an input from database where the connection be a parameter. This would allow me to set the parameter once (per project — so still I would need to do it in five places and switching between clients would be error-prone) and then I can switch between clients more effectively.

One way of handling this would be to have a multi-tenant database (with every single table having a column for tenant id, and then every single time I read/write from the database I only select rows with that tenant id). Then the tenant id can be the parameter that is common across projects.

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We’re getting many requests for this and will be addressing this soon.