EasyMorph session with global default parameters

Related to the feature request I just entered(Connection as parameter [DONE]), it would be helpful to start an EasyMorph session with some global default parameters. So let’s say one global parameter is “client name”. And then if I have multiple EasyMorph projects that also use “client name”. What I would seek is the ability to fire up EasyMorph and set “client name” to “Joe’s Auto Parts” globally. Then regardless of which project I start it takes those default values.

The workaround I am currently pursuing is an external (non-EasyMorph) script that automatically calls EasyMorph project with all the right parameters.

That said, it would be far preferable to start EasyMorph sessions with default parameters.

We’re thinking about having global parameters in the repository where currently database connectors are stored.

Until then, a text file with parameters can be used as a workaround. A new client would be a new parameter file.

See example: dispatcher.zip (1.5 KB)