Connecting to Access database using ODBC


I am relatively new to using ODBC connections.
Is it possible to explain in detail how to connect to an Access database using ODBC from EasyMorpgh ?

Kind regards !


Most likely you will have to use “Custom SQL” mode of “Import from database” action to import data from Access DB.

  1. Make sure that your system has an Access database ODBC 64 bit driver installed.
  2. Open Windows’ ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit version) and a new data source with that driver (or find an appropriate data source among the existing ones).
  3. Go to EasyMorph, open Connector manager and create a new SQL\ODBC connector:
    a. Select created or previously existing data source in Data source combobox.
    b. Select SQL:2003 in SQL dialect combobox.
    c. Fill in User and Password options.
  4. Use created connector in “Import from database”. Try to use “Visual” mode. If it will not work correctly with Access DB connector, switch to “Custom SQL” mode.


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