Closed beta testing of v5.5

Closed beta-testing of v5.5 has started. The details are here:

The headline feature of v5.5 is the File Manager (the pre-release name was File Browser).

Other changes include:

  • Connector for Azure Blob Storage (the respective action will appear in v5.5.1)
  • Connector for S3-compatible file storage services (e.g. DigitalOcean)
  • Tableau Hyper is now included by default (TDE still available via an add-on)
  • New action: “To-do”
  • New Catalog items: “Remote folder” and “Remote file”
  • The “File transfer” action now has an option not to use a temporary file
  • The “File transfer” action has new commands: Create/Delete/Rename folder.
  • The option for chunked file upload in the SharePoint connector

PS. Fun fact - the installer of the beta was uploaded to our website using the new File Manager.


Thanks for adding the Last Accessed Date in the List Files action! Works great!

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Thank you for adding this, I have some clients that don’t allow renaming files causing it to fail when EM tries to rename the temp file.

@dgudkov is there a timeline for when the server will get this update?

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The Server v5.5 will be released by the end of this week.

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