Closed beta-testing of Power BI connector / actions

The integration with Power BI is almost here! See this topic in the closed category for beta-testers:

For testing:

  • Power BI connector
  • Action “Export to Power BI”
  • Action “Power BI Command”

Let me know in the comments below if you want to become a beta-tester and obtain access to the topic.

Here is a screenshot of the “Export to PowerBI” action.

I’m interested.

Hello, I am interested in testing theses new features :grin:

@fabry, @Benoit_Hervochon welcome to the Community and thank you for helping with testing EasyMorph!

You should now be able to access the topic (and the Beta Lounge category of this forum).


I’m interested in such feature for one of my customers in Belgium.
Thx in advance for your attention,

Hi Sébastien,

you should now be able to access the topic.

Hi, I’m interested such connector, please add me to the testing.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Irina,

I’ve granted you access to the Beta lounge. You should now be able to access the topic.

Hello, I’d be very interested in participating as well!

Hi Nathan, and welcome to the Community!

We will be releasing version 4.2 with the Power BI connector/actions later today. You will be able to just download it from our public page here: Download

***** the topic is closed