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Clarifying Server Version vs Desktop Version Support

Hi Team,

I’ve tried to search, but haven’t come across anything contrary to this post which states a Server Version should be compatible with future patch versions of the same lineage:

As per the previous post above, is the current line still that the Server should be able to (at least) open/execute the desktop projects created in the same version?

We have Server v4.2.1.0 and I upgraded to desktop version to (Dont confuse this with the want/NEED to run the latest version).

From past experience, i know that there can be issues in running projects where patches have been released for features/bugs and a server not upgraded - that’s fine… however I am unable to even schedule/run tasks created from my desktop in the EM Server.

Error is:
“This project cannot be opened because it was created in a newer version of EasyMorph (”

Can this please be clarified - the project is using extremely simple transforms:
SQL Query to get data
Merge 2 tables based on key
Write to SQL Database

We’re using EM given security restrictions on both sides of the equation (read/write).

This doesn’t seem right. Can you please send the project that fails to run on Server together with the Server log (the most recent one) to our support email support@easymorph.com.

I’ll have to request the log from admins.

I actually get the error when I go to create a new task… So, once I published my project to the server, I go to create a task, select the project, and it wont progress from there.

Can you please re-install EasyMorph Server v4.2.1 with the latest build for v4.2.1. You can download it here: https://easymorph.com/download/all-downloads.html

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