Clarifying Server Version vs Desktop Version Support

Hi Team,

I've tried to search, but haven't come across anything contrary to this post which states a Server Version should be compatible with future patch versions of the same lineage:

As per the previous post above, is the current line still that the Server should be able to (at least) open/execute the desktop projects created in the same version?

We have Server v4.2.1.0 and I upgraded to desktop version to (Dont confuse this with the want/NEED to run the latest version).

From past experience, i know that there can be issues in running projects where patches have been released for features/bugs and a server not upgraded - that's fine... however I am unable to even schedule/run tasks created from my desktop in the EM Server.

Error is:
"This project cannot be opened because it was created in a newer version of EasyMorph ("

Can this please be clarified - the project is using extremely simple transforms:
SQL Query to get data
Merge 2 tables based on key
Write to SQL Database

We're using EM given security restrictions on both sides of the equation (read/write).

This doesn’t seem right. Can you please send the project that fails to run on Server together with the Server log (the most recent one) to our support email

I’ll have to request the log from admins.

I actually get the error when I go to create a new task… So, once I published my project to the server, I go to create a task, select the project, and it wont progress from there.

Can you please re-install EasyMorph Server v4.2.1 with the latest build for v4.2.1. You can download it here: