Catching ODBC error to allow process to continue


We have a process that use at one point an ODBC request to get a data on a database. This field may not be present on the database and it create an error.

Error: ERROR [HY000] [FileMaker][FileMaker] FQL0009/(1:7): The column named “ETLRajoutInformationMvtType_lmn” does not exist in table “zDEP”.
Source: action “Import from database”, module “Main”, table “Parameters_zDEP”

How can we catch this error and allow the processus to continue? Because today, as soon as we have an ODBC error, it stops everything.

In our idea, if we have the error we would put a default value, if we don’t have the error we get the value from the sql obdc request.

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Hello Pierre-Alexandre and welcome to the Community!

To catch errors, put the action that fails into a separate module, and call this module using the “Call another module or project” action in the “Capture errors and continue mode”.

See also: Capture internal error - #2 by andrew.rybka


Thank you for your answer which was very useful to us.