Capture internal error

How to capture internal error in project?

End of Central Directory record could not be found.
Source: Action “Import Excel spreadsheet” in table “Import excel file” in project “c:\emjobs\Project Import.morph” Error: File has wrong format. End of Central Directory record could not be found.

Customer is uploading excel file and I need to process but sometimes(most of the time) customer uploads different file with excel extension and the project shows above error. I am looking to capture this error inside project and send notification email to customer. What would be the best way to do so?

Hello @bolud and welcome to the community,

You can try to move your “Import from Excel” action to a separate module or a subproject and then call it with the “Call another project or module” action (or “Iterate” action) in the “Capture errors and continue” mode. Then you will be able to check for captured errors and use conditional workflow to send notification email.

Thanks a lot Andrew. It took me fem minutes to understand how it is working :slight_smile: