Cannot Connect to Server after update to 5.3

Our server is protected by a vpn, and it’s currently configured to not use SSL.
I’ve updated both the client to the latest version of 5.3 and the server to the same version.

Unfortunately I can no longer connect to the server from the desktop client.

What are the symptoms? Any errors, screenshots would be helpful.

Can you access EasyMorph Server from a web browser on the same machine under the same Windows account as your Desktop, using the same URL that is configured in your Server Link settings in Desktop?

Also, check out this topic: After updating to v5.3, Server Link is not working in EasyMorph Desktop installed in our Server

I can reach the Fully Qualified url using port 80, in the browser, but not port 6330. Which I could do before the update.

You should use in Server Link the same fully qualified URL and the same port as you use in the browser.

Should I not be able to enter http://easymorph.{our_domain}.com:6330? (The subdomain easymorph has been setup and working for some time)

Configuration has 6330 as the server port, and SSL is unchecked (in the Server Monitor)

The Server works on one port, no matter if SSL is used or not. You may have port redirects configured somewhere but in this case, we don’t know if your network configuration is configured correctly.

I would suggest using the same URL and port that you use in the browser. If that works, then the Server Link with the same URL and port should work. Otherwise, contact your network administrator.

We have changed nothing other than the version of EasyMorph Client and Server? I’m the one that administers everything, so why would anything else even come into consideration, especially when I know nothing else has changed?

In version 5.3 the Desktop connects to Server a bit differently. It upgrades the connection to SSL automatically when the Server supports it. If not then not.

See also the topic I mentioned above.

I’ve just found a solution. (Surprised that it was working before)
I added port TCP 6330 for Inbound/Outbound in the Windows Defender Firewall on the server.
(I might have opened it to the application and not the port, previously? shrug)

Hi @beerye3

The EasyMorph installer/Monitor automatically creates the firewall rule EasyMorph Server Incoming Connections.
This rule allows incoming TCP connections to desired port for Domain and Private network profiles. But Public profile is not covered.