Workflow for loading tables in a database

I would like to load some data in tables in a database. Due to referential integrity constraints, parent tables need to be loaded before the child tables.
In my EasyMorph project, I import the Excel files with the data that I want to load in the different tables (parent and child tables) and I export them with the “export to database” transformation.
Although the fact that I laid out my tables in the order by which I need to load the data in the database to avoid a violation of the referential integrity constraints, I still get an error. It seems that easyMorph does not execute just from “left to right”.

Is there a way to create dependencies in the load process so that table B only can be loaded when table A has been loaded correctly in the database. I have checked derived tables but in this particular case, these cannot model that kind of workflow or am I wrong ?
Should I use an iteration or can I use a “halt on condition” transformation for this ?

Thanks in advance !

Use the Synchronize transformation. It’s designed exactly for such cases.

Great ! As you mention it now, I rediscover this transformation apparently…

Thanks again for the quick response and support.