Why the pivot function has no option to manage the order?


I known that is a question already aswered but we loss time with it and future maintenance won’t be easy.
I use pivot to calculate name of dynamics column name.
With pivot, columns order are alphabetical.
Why pivot don’t have option to choose order ? On this point Excel is much more powerful than EasyMorph.

I can no longer use pivot function and have to bypass its use.

  1. I calculate column name.
    PrtScr capture_4

  2. I add some dummy columns in target table.

  3. I rename with lookup.

In conclusion, the pivot function is unusable and the workaround is not flexible. As soon as you need an additional column, you have to make several changes.

And finally, the “rename columns” and “reorder columns” functions are too rigid. Everything is fixed and nothing is dynamic. We can’t use a value from a table or function.

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Maintaining column order in pivot would be great!

Not alphabetical, just sorted left to right in ascending order.

How would you envision such an option?

It’s not possible to maintain column order because column names before pivoting can come in a column in a different order in different groups. In one group it can be A to Z but in another group it can be Z to A.

It is equivalent to an alphabetical sorting.

Pivot function should create the columns in row order. The first on the left and the last on the right.
We can sort rows like we want and no other option is needed so that the user can simply choose order of columns of the final result.

Example with Excel:

With EasyMorph:

Excel preserve order and EasyMorph use alphabetical order.

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I usually keep an empty table with column order separately then append the table after using pivot action.