Why export to excel with parameter error with ".em.temp" filename extension


Here I got the error message:
Error: 找不到路徑 ‘D:…(ignore this part)\CUR_SALES_ID2~error’ & format(now(), ‘yyyyMMdd-HHmm’) & ‘_’ & {listFileName}.em.temp.xlsx’ 的一部分。
Source: action “Export into Excel file”, module “Main”, table “has overlap”

listFileName was assign value in iteration = CUR_SALES_ID2_20211025_1530_error.xlsx

And I tried export in local, it was successed.
Could anyone answer why this happened?


Hi @Jimmy_TW and welcome to the Community!

Is it possible for you to share your EasyMorph project with us? If so - please send it to our support email.

Also, which EasyMorph version and gives you this error? You mentioned the “export in local”, so what is the other case that gives you that error?