Welcome to EasyMorph Community!

Welcome to EasyMorph Community!

Here you can ask questions about using EasyMorph, learn useful techniques, stay informed about new features, report bugs and meet great people from all over the world.

Note that in order to protect this forum from spam bots all new user accounts have some limitations (e.g. no sending direct messages to other users). These limitations are removed automatically after a while. You will get a notification when it happens.

To ask a new question please create new topic. To create a topic press “+New Topic” button in the upper right corner of the home page. Please do not post questions into existing topics, if they are not directly related to the subject of the topic.

When asking questions about using EasyMorph feel free to insert screenshots and attach EasyMorph projects with sample data files — this will make it easier for other community members to help you. For convenience of others, make sure that all file paths to the data files in attached projects are relative (here is how to do it). For capturing screenshots you can use, for example, free and awesome Greenshot.

When a proposed solution worked for you, please marked it as “Solution”. For this, click the checkbox icon in the reply (see the image below).

The EasyMorph support team closely watches topics and will reply even if no other community member answers — you will always be heard!

Welcome aboard!

Dmitry Gudkov