Weird bug in aggregate action


I am having a weird bug in EasyMorph Desktop. I aggregate a column by year. In all years I am getting an aggregated result but in the source data there are only values for 1 year, all other rows are empty in that column. I have exported the 2 columns to dset and included the zip file here. Could you please take a look at it ?

It is very strange. When I create a small list with some arbitrary values, EasyMorph is calculating it correctly.

What could be the cause of this ? (116.7 KB)

The bug has been confirmed, thanks for reporting it. For now - filter out the row with empty year from the table before aggregation.

I’ll post when we fix it.

Thanks !

The bug has been fixed. Both updated versions of Desktop and Server are now available on our website.

Thanks for the quick response ! We will install the new versions.