Webscraping feature


Can we do webscraping in some way in EasyMorph?
If not, will this feature become available in the future ?

Thanks !

Webscraping is not an intended purpose of EasyMorph and is not on our roadmap.

Ok thanks. Could you clarify why it is not interesting for EasyMorph to have such feature ?
I understand that it is not an action that one uses every day but sometimes it is nice if no other options are available to get the data.

While IT people have many tools to deal with data, all what non-IT users have is Excel. EasyMorph’s mission is to give non-technical users a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to deal with structured data on a daily basis. We want to stay laser-focused on that mission. Web scraping is not the biggest problem business users have as we see it, even if some people occasionally need it. There are more important and significant problems to work on – millions of business users around the world are locked in Excel, lack support from their IT departments, and are forced to spend lots of time doing very tedious mundane work because they lack automation tools.

I appreciate your suggestions and you helped us a lot with refining EasyMorph and fixing bugs. In the last 15 months you sent/posted more that 150 messages to us, sometimes multiple times a day. We did our best to provide you with a full and detailed answer to each your messages. However, I noticed that your questions frequently keep rotating about the same topic - adding features that are nice to have or maybe needed for a one-off task but not really significant. I, as the product architect, must make sure we use our (very!) limited resources for tasks that would produce the biggest benefits for all our users. Spreading our efforts to make a universal tool for all possible and impossible tasks would distract us from the main mission, lead to a bloated confusing UI, delay functionality that many users need, prevent us from improving performance. Staying focused is one of the main challenges I have as the product architect. I would highly appreciate it if you understand this.


Hi Dmitry,

I understand that. Thanks for the response.