Web Request - URL Encode

Hi Team

With regards to the Web request:

  1. Parameter or using a calculated column


GET https://xxx/CheckIn?$filter=_last_touched_dt_utc gt 2022-11-08T01:00:00.000Z &$select = _last_touched_dt_utc,checkIn_id,checkIn_title

  1. Add URL Parameters

GET https://xxx/CheckIn?$filter=_last_touched_dt_utc gt 2022-10-27T01:00:00.000Z&%26%24select%20=_last_touched_dt_utc%2CcheckIn_id%2CcheckIn_title

The URL in encode

This means that the select statement does not work in the Add URL parameters.

To clarify: Both the statements show data.
The select only work if there is no encoding (1st example)

Any suggestions?


Hi @Rykie
I think this should work

However, if you want to pass the path and query in the Path property, you should manually encode each component via encode(“uriComponentEscape”, “some value”).

Also you could try to use uriencode. This method can be used to encode the entire URL, including query-string values.

@ckononenko, thank you!!
The vendor’s documentation states we need to use the &$select and they are specific that the filter should come 1st.

I only removed the & and now this is working perfectly.

The strange thing is that the vendor is moving from one API to another and in the 1st API you had to use &$select and now on the 2nd it seems $select when using this add URL parameter.

Appreciate your help.