Web Request / Time out

Hi guys , we started to use Easymorph with Web / Api request.
We have a question about 1 problem that we have at the moment.

Some web request does not give any results after some time, and this is correct because in some conditions there is not information. But after a couple of minutes the tool give a message of “time out” and the program ends.

Its possible to skip the action if “time out” message appear.
We try using “skip function” but does not work becaus it needs a table.

We want to skip action to other action if the web request is time out.

Let me know if there is some alternative to this case.


@edudwhgonzo If there is no information, can the API be changed so that it still sends a response saying there is no information available? Then you would get a table back, and you would be able to to use the “Skip actions on condition” action.

Having the API “time out” when there is no information (I didn’t know that was even possible) is not ideal - you could arrive to the situation where you don’t know why it timed out, as it may be due to the API not working, or the API not delivering the information.

Thanks Roberto , I think at this moment its a litel dificult to change the behaviour of the API.

Yes , If the api can respond with a blank table this should no be a problem. But at this moment it can only give us a “time out” alert.

Do you have a recomendation for this case ? maybe force an error artificialy or something ?

Sorry for bad english , not my native languaje.

Are you familiar with modules? You could run the API call in another module (passing the necessary parameters to that module) using the “Call another module or project” action, and in the Mode you should select “Capture errors and continue”.

This way, if no errors are found, there will be no Errors listed, and if there are (like the API timeout), they will appear in the result table, and then you can do other actions afterward (it should not stop the process). Can you try that?

Great idea , yes I familiar with modules.
I will try this , thanks a lot.