Web request returns data with starting lowercase character


The Web Request
Web Request lowercase issue.morph (2.9 KB)
returns data and fields with a starting lower case character. If you compare the results of field ‘GebouwStatus’ from attached program, you’ll get different results compared when executing the related web request directly from your browser, ie :


Note that the program requires the Web location connector called ‘Gebouwenregister’ with Base URL set to ‘Basisregisters Vlaanderen - API 2022-04-19

Hi @FilipHeyvaert

So, in the Web browser (by default) you’re obtaining an XML-formatted data. But in your WebRequest you’ve configured to receive a json formatted data. And seems that your server uses different naming style for different outputs. Try to use the same data-type.

OK, got it.

This case can be closed as I’ll take it up further with the API provider.