Web page table information

Hello team,

Is it possible to get table information from a web page?


EasyMorph doesn’t import from HTML files natively yet. You can try parsing an HTML file as just a text file using the regular text functions and actions, but that can be tedious.

If you post a link to the page you’d like to parse I’ll try to make an example.

Hi @dgudkov,

Thanks for the prompt response as usual!

Its an internal organisation sharepoint page so wont be able to you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Hi @vaibhavtandon87,

Another possible approach is to use the “PowerShell” action with the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet.

Here is a simplified example project which parses HTML from the Pricing page on our website.

It’s based on the following article:

The example captures cell values, outputted by the PowerShell script and then uses the “Split delimited text into columns” action to restore table structure.

Production example will definitely require more complex PowerShell script with values escaping, etc.

Parse HTML table.morph (2.5 KB)


I will try this @andrew.rybka.

thanks again to you and community in providing ideas and solutions to a problem, really appreciate that!