Web location connectors as parameters

I would like to create web locations as parameters and then dynamically assign those parameters as connectors. But I am running into some issues. Here is what I have tried so far:

  1. Calculated parameter where {Parameter} = “Webhook URL that I want to connect to” I created 7 different text parameters with unique webhook URL’s for each.
  2. Second calculated parameter where if([passed value] = “abc”, use {abc calculated parameter webhook}, else use default {parameter webhook}) where the parameters are the ones I created in #1.
  3. Single text parameter with a webhook URL

#3 works fine, but when I try to use a parameter (see #2 above) for the connector in in my Web POST action using an an IF statement to match incoming parameter value to a parameter webhook it does not work. Error message: "Connector “abc” not found in shared connectors repository. I also tried the Parameter (embed. conn.) option but I still get an error message that it cannot find the connector name. Still the same error after I created all of the individual connectors as embedded. Any ideas how to do this? IF statement below.

if({Space Name}=“Asset Management”,“{Asset Management Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Data Ingestion”,“{Data Ingestion Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Data Strategy”,“{Data Strategy Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Finance”,“{Finance Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Investmenmts”,“{Investments Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“IT”,“{IT Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Modeling”,“{Modeling Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Pricing”,“{Pricing Webhook}”,
if({Space Name}=“Revenue Management”,“{Revenue Management Webhook}”,
“{Data Strategy Webhook}”)

Adding a couple of screen shots.
Connector Error Message

Solved my own problem. There is no need to configure the connectors as parameters, If they are embedded into the project, you can simply refer to them by name:

if({Space Name}=“Asset Management”,“Asset Management Webhook”,

Once changed works perfectly!

I would call the connector “Webhook” in all spaces. In this case, you don’t even need to calculate it with an expression.

Of course, that only works if all the spaces don’t share the same repository.