Web API Error - Responce not JSON nor XML

Hello EM Community

I'm struggling to get EasyMorph to load data from MS D365 Cloud. I can get it to work fine in Power BI with the same URL And the EasyMorph Connector Test connects with no errors.
But the Import from WEB API Action gives me :
Error: The response is neither JSON nor XML
Source: action "Import from Web API", table "Imported table 1"

The Preview Get is:
GET https://My-Company.operations.dynamics.com/ReleasedProductsV2

What am I missing? Will D365 not provide me with JSON or XML or do I need to send a parameter to get it in the expected JSON or XML format.

In PowerBI i get data fine with a OData feed connector:

Looking into PowerBI using the OData Connector to the same URL I can see it passes on these parameters:
= OData.Feed("https://My-Company.operations.dynamics.com/data", null, [Implementation="2.0"])
= Source{[Name="ReleasedProductsV2",Signature="table"]}[Data]
I was wondering if I need add similar URL Parameters in the WEB API Action?

I have also tried to use the JSON and XML Accept headers but get the same result

Try using the "Web request" action instead and see what response the service returns - it may contain a hint about what's missing in the request.

Your request already contains the correct "Accept" header, so the server knows that the request expects JSON or XML in response.

The response header Content-Type defines the response type (JSON or XML).
It looks like some non-standard Content-Type is being used.
The request header Accept is not used in the response type detection.