Warnings from sub-projects

We have a project that runs multiple sub-projects

Everything seemed to run smoothly, but at end of run it said “something went wrong” - but the warnings were all “information” warnings - no deep faults.

I think this may indicate that the root project warning is not aggregating the right “warning label” - i.e. it is showing a fatal flaw (or what used to look like a fatal flaw) for what are merely suggestions (i.e. duplicate rows)

It’s a normal behavior. Warnings are shown in the summary after project execution. We’ll change the summary title (Something went wrong) to something less confusing.

BTW, I’m curious if there is a reason why you still use subprojects? You can move them to modules and have all workflow subroutines in one project.

We do mostly use modules - they are great.

But our “master run” does run a few major “sub projects”

Yes, its just labeling ; thank you.

I see now there are two post-run messages that come up “errors” and “warnings”

We get so many “warnings” (for row duplication for example - which is intentional) that the warnings cease to be useful. There are just too many. What may be useful - i guess its a request - is way to remove warnings, e.g. once they have been looked at, to check a box such that they dont come up again. That way, we could make the “warnings” section really useful. Just an idea.

We will be reworking warnings a bit in the next version, so they will be less numerous.

Also, it’s already possible to suppress warnings (see below). Although, we don’t recommend doing it unless warnings are irrelevant or it’s absolutely impossible to fix the issue that causes them.